When Pigs Are Given a Badge – My Mother, Sister and I are Currently Facing Federal Charges in Trinidad & Tobago

Our police service has always been horrible at their jobs and I can only recall one time that I needed help and received it without being treated like a criminal. I feel terrible for this girl and I am reblogging it in the hope that someone somewhere will be able to help her.

That being said its amazing that we have officers like these getting away with persecuting and falsely imprisoning tourists while Rowley’s busy hawking fabricated emails.

Don’t we have enough real problems here in Trinidad and Tobago or have we finally become so corrupt that there is no saving us anymore?


On Thursday, June 20th, my mother, sister and I left New York and landed in Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago around 2PM. Upon receiving my baggage, a verbal altercation began between myself, my mother and a customs officer at the airport’s exit. Such occurred due to the officer’s blatantly rude treatment. 

Suddenly, a man ran up to me and grabbed me by the shoulder/neck area, hit me and shouted at me for “inappropriately speaking to a customs officer”. Everything happened so quickly, most things are a blur. But my mother, maternal instincts fully kicked in, screamed and cried and struggled to get me away from this man. She assumed he was a robber or some sort of madman. Later on we learned that this man was a plain clothes officer. Please note, this man ran up to me from behind, so I hadn’t seen his…

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