Patience, I have none…apparently.

Lets face it, losing weight is an extremely frustrating journey. Here are just of few of the scenarios that I’ve discovered are guaranteed to push me into depression.

  • I know that logically it’s impossible for me to lose 50 pounds overnight or even in a month but that doesn’t stop me from grinding my teeth because of the way my weight is being lost. I’m referring to the fat distribution pattern that PCOS tends to cause. I know that I’m losing weight and getting stronger but I’m beginning to look rather sick from the distended appearance of my stomach and the questions and judgements people see fit to burden me with are supremely annoying.
  • I absolutely hate missing workouts. Of course I realize that this is inevitable but it tends to make me feel like a failure every bloody time.
  • My weight fluctuates up and down a lot.
  • Having a peptic ulcer on top of the arthritic knees, carpal tunnel, migraines and the PCOS makes for many a setback.

Honestly sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time but I can see that I look better in my clothes so I know that my hard work is paying off which motivates me.

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