Yes…yes it did!

I have mixed feelings about yesterday. On one hand it was the first time I waited 6 hours for a specialist that I paid for. On the other the likelihood of having surgery has gone down. Instead, I’ll be using a combination of Glucophage (to control my insulin levels) exercise and a low carb diet.

I won’t be starting on the Glucophage til I see a nutritionist though. The last time I went low carb, I got severe withdrawal symptoms from abruptly cutting out all carbs. I’m hoping that the nutritionist will have a way for me to do it without feeling like I’m going to die.

The theory is that if my insulin resistance drops, I won’t have excessive amounts of glucose causing my hormones to run amok. Which should bring my weight back down and reduce testosterone production.

The gynaecologist told me that my weight is not my fault since my diet and activity levels are good. That’s a refreshing change from my acquaintances who ignorantly state that exercise and proper diet must be a waste of time since it doesn’t work for me. They’re also quite happy to see me failing which is annoying to say the least.

The exam itself was not as scary as I thought. It was rather uncomfortable but that cleared up overnight. Next up is yet another trans-vaginal ultrasound to determine the size of my cysts with a follow up appointment in the next 6 months.

I’m glad that the news was good this time.

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