New medication and side effects.

Luckily, the CT scan showed no sign of damage to my brain. Instead the diagnosis was chronic sinusitis.

Today is the 3rd day of the new set of medication and it sucks. Nausea, diarrhea, headaches, bloody vomit and bile. It’s safe to say that the last few days weren’t pleasant.

I also slept for about 18 hours yesterday so this morning dawned with me not feeling so bad. Sadly it didn’t last but I’m stubbornly leaving the house anyway.

I’ll probably go see Noah since the hubby is excited about it. My last pick wasn’t that entertaining. Peabody and Sherman delivered none of the comedy gold that it promised. Save your money and watch it on cable. Kids may love it though. I found that I got particularly entertaining around Troy.

Right now I’m in transit and it sucks. The nausea tends to get worse when I’m travelling since sitting makes my back hurt a lot.

7 thoughts on “New medication and side effects.

    1. No I don’t think it’s an odd question 🙂

      I used to meditate via chanting mantras and other prayers since I grew up in a traditional Hindu home. Now that I’m older I know you can achieve the same result without the hooey. So my go to forms of meditation now would be music, yoga and other exercise.


      1. In general, meditation tends to make me pensive. This isn’t always a good thing though since there are many things that I have yet to come to terms with. Being depressed tends to make me focus on things that cannot be resolved and feel guilty or inferior.

        On good days (days when the depression is mildest) I find myself at peace. I know who I am and what l can accomplish and there is much comfort to be gleaned from that state.


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