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  1. [ Smiles ] You need to learn how to resit temptation; maybe having a delicious salad close by might help you to resist future temptations!


    1. I wish temptation was the only problem. I made salads, smoothies, pasta and soup then either puked them back up after a few mouthfuls or couldn’t bear to be in the same room. The kurma at least had some ginger so that settled my stomach a bit.

      Food is just not working out for me right now since my options are too slim. And I can never guess what will stay down which makes it all worse. Some days are good though, then I go all out and buy a lot of the same food but then it has the opposite effect. It’s quite frustrating.


      1. That’s the plan, ginger tea works best I find. Not always well tolerated though. I expect I’ll manage to find some balance someday.


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