So this happened.

Tonight I got into a taxi driven by the most racist person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. He has rewritten Trinidadian history to exclude those of East Indian descent and has a very selective memory when it comes to the wanton discrimination that was faced by East Indians while the PNM were in power. 

I’ll say this for the PPP though, they aren’t doing anything that previous governments haven’t done. They just have the misfortune to be doing it now, when the spread of information is super fast thanks to the advent of social media.

I am also tired of encountering people who vote based on race. This man thinks that East Indians should not be allowed positions of power, that we are the only ones in the country that are corrupt and that our religion specifically singles out those of African descent. Ironic that he knows so little of that which he hates. Our caste system labels those with dark skin to be slaves. In other words every single East Indian that made it to Trinidad was a slave.

Democracy is a sham if you allow politicians to manipulate your choices based on fear mongering due to racism. But then again, when has it ever not been?

I’m glad that my Carib ancestry means that I don’t have the pin straight hair that the rest of my family has but I’m obviously more Indian than not. This is the first time that I was terrified of someone based on their race. This man was advocating to have us all killed and to encounter someone like that nowadays is utterly terrifying. Not only that, the other passengers were egging him on and if you’ve ever been abused by a group of children you know exactly the type of terror this behavior breeds.

12 thoughts on “So this happened.

  1. [ Smiles ] Unfortunately, you encountered someone with a very biased view.
    Racism on the whole is wrong; that type of mentality should be discarded.
    Luckily, not everyone is a racist!


    1. Indeed. I find that most people I encounter are lovely. I find that at least here, bigotry tends to be worsened by the campaigning leading up to elections.

      I don’t know if this was always so or if it’s a new phenomenon. But I suppose when our major parties are separated by race and religion it may be inevitable.


      1. [ Sighs ] Someone played the race-card and race shouldn’t be the main issue where politics is concerned.
        People should be concentrating on other issues such as: better health care, a better education, better roads and ways to reduce crime.


      2. Indeed, for as long as I can remember. Our politicians have avoided dealing with the issues by dredging up old wounds left over from the days of slavery and indentureship.

        Now they’ve realised that playing off jealousy for those who are in a different income bracket is very effective coupled with the original religious /race arguments.

        This is particularly bothersome because here it’s very easy to make money without playing into corruption and nepotism. The highest paying jobs here are either difficult and extremely dangerous due to the industry involved (oil and petrochemicals). Or unskilled but labour intensive (construction, furniture design etc).


      3. [ Smiles ] You need to remind them of those things whenever they are campaigning again, trying to get your vote.


      4. I try, it’s actually dangerous to disagree with the politicians here. Especially if you disagree with one that isn’t of your race. Though we’re all beige since I doubt there’s anything like racial purity remaining here. They immediately pull the race card which causes the mob mentality to kick in. It’s really scary stuff.


      5. [ Sighs ] Yes, that is scary stuff.
        Politicians need to stop playing the race card, because it is sending the wrong message to the younger generation.


      6. I really wish there was a way to get some unbiased views out publicly. I don’t think I’m politically savy enough to do it myself but I may yet be.


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