This type of anime seems to be getting more popular as of late. I’m actually a little happy about it. This one captures the pain of first love and the burden of expectations. The feeling that you want to do what’s correct I can certainly empathize with. I can’t wait for Shizuku to realise that there is no right way to love someone.

She’s not a bad girl but she doesn’t reciprocate. She places expectations on others without bothering to meet theirs. It’s very childish, but she’s accustomed to being alone so it’s to be expected. Haru is also pretty messed up and although they touch briefly on the reasons why he just comes off like a spoiled brat. Shizuku changes him for the better and many of the other characters are better off for meeting them. I like things like these because even though it’s fictional it lets you see how important your existence might be to someone else.

They’re all desperately lonely and trying to find their respective places. It was interesting to see these characters grow as this series progressed since there were some parallels with my own life.

This series had an unfinished feel, I’ve read that it’s because the manga is still ongoing. I’m hoping that it proves popular enough to get picked up for another season but I don’t think that I’ll continue it if that happens. Since I don’t particularity care for this genre.

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