New kicks!


In the interest of making me more active. I decided to do the couch to 5k program. Unfortunately the shoes I’d been using managed to get dry rotten since the last time I ran so new shoes were in order.

When it comes to running there’s a lot of information out there. The relevant info when it comes to purchasing a running shoe has to do with pronation.

This shoe is for people that are neutral pronators. I on the other hand am an over pronator but my current financial goals are such that I didn’t want to spend $1500 on a running shoe suitable for me. This one was a relative steal at around $600 and pretty comfy. And I’m fairly certain that considering the brightness of the colours I shouldn’t get run over again. Probably.

Well let’s hope that the running experience turns out well.

4 thoughts on “New kicks!

  1. [ Smiles ] I also hope that your running experience turns out well, because if it doesn’t, those running shoes would be next on the list to dry rot.


      1. Somewhat I think. My shoulders are prone to popping out of their joints.

        Apparently this will continue for a while. There’s still some pain but I don’t really have the luxury of inactivity. Since my muscles atrophy easily I’m already in a bad state.

        Luckily I love running so its something to look forward to.


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