Alternate medication.

Recently I asked my doctor if there was an alternative to the Glucophage I’ve been on for the last 6 months or so. The reson being that the side effects were terrible. Chronic fatigue, constant diarrhoea, nausea and there was also metformin-induced lactic acidosis scare. My gynaecologist was adamant that this was absolutely the only medication that would work and after doing a lot of reading I determined that it was possible that the side effects would go away as my body adjusted to the dosage. I also found a lot of forums with women suffering from PCOS who couldn’t use it at all because the side effects become too much to bear. The Glucophage in question is Merck Serono’s 500mg film coated tablets.

At my last visit to the gynaecologist she suggested that I keep the dose down to 2 of the 500mg tablets per day and increase as needed. Sadly after the lactic acidosis scare even the smallest dose of Glucophage would set off the side effects and 2 weeks ago I begged my GP for an alternative. Which turned out to be Merck Serono’s 1000mg Glucophage XR. The Glucophage XR has significantly less side effects and its more effective in a smaller dose. He gave me a 2 week prescription to test it out and it was amazing! After the first day I was able to begin exercising again. No more diarrhoea, fatigue nausea or hypoglycaemia. The only hurdle I have remaining is getting my diet back on track. Since right now I don’t have the energy to exercise and cook.

If you’ve been having similar side effects I strongly suggest that you see your doctor about alternative treatments.

4 thoughts on “Alternate medication.

  1. [ Smiles ] I don’t think that I could handle constant diarrhoea.

    Taking that medication has proven to be a living nightmare for you.


    1. Indeed. It was almost as bad as having dengue only it lasted around 7 months. Diarrhoea and vomiting together for that long just make you waste away.

      A friend of mine who has Ulcerative Colitis was absolutely convinced that I had it due to that, since our symptoms were almost identical aside from the vomiting.

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      1. [ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing that with me, Anaala.

        Have you ever thought of using natural herbs in place of these dangerous pharmaceutical drugs?


      2. Ah, therein lies my problem. When I was younger my parents believed in junk science like homeopathy and chiropractic treatments. When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis all those years ago we tried everything. Eventually I ended up having to learn enough about medicine to protect myself from such charlatans but the cost to my health was such that I almost did not survive it.

        A chiropractor caused me to become paralysed while the homeopathic drugs a la Mr Sayers kept me from getting real treatment. I learned that pharmaceutical drugs were perfectly natural. The general practice in pharmacology is to isolate the compound in the herb that helps and reduce the others. Whereas homeopaths use a miniscule amount of the compound and mix it water believing that the water remembers the compounds presence.

        Many herbal medications are quite dangerous because there is no regulation. Most of them don’t have enough of a compound to be an effective treatment and those that claim to do so have been proven time and time again to not even have the active ingredient in them. And yet others have too much. Everything is poison in large amounts.

        Whereas the pharmaceutical industry spends billions developing drugs only to have the FDA shelve them if they have misleading claims on the packaging or if it turns out that the medication has unintended side effects. It’s a hard system and sometimes there are duds that get through but for the most part the heavy regulation works.

        I have to keep up to date with the latest developments related to my illnesses so I’ll know if the things I’m taking have unintended side effects. Especially the generic brands which tend to be less safe that the branded drugs.

        In short the pharmaceutical drugs are safer than the herbal drugs. There tend to be complications because of the differences in individual body chemistry. The medication that made my life hell for so long works for so many others. The trick if you can call it that is to have good rapport with your medical team and always, always educate yourself.

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