Happy days and the end of old faithful.

Today was my birthday and it was awesome. In fact the entire month of October has been great to me. There was a sore spot or two though. My faithful LG l9 p768 kicked the bucket today. I’m currently writing this post using the dregs of its remaining battery life.

While I was quite pleased with this phone. This will be the last Android phone I shall ever buy. Next up is the Lumia 1320 and I hope I can get one tomorrow because I need a device to study with =_=

And lastly I’m peeved at the person who sold me lunch today. I specifically asked her if there was any milk in the callaloo she said no. Right now I’m having an allergic reaction so bad I just strained the tendon on the left side of my neck. Needless to say this is very freaking painful. And I’ll be running off to to doctor in the morning to get something to stop it.

People need to understand allergies can kill damnit!

Also Dracula Untold opens tomorrow at Movie Town! I can’t wait!

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