An attempt to ease the paranoia associated with Ebola.

Everytime there’s a new pandemic there is mass hysteria leading to some very unfortunate outcomes the least of which is shunning those who were infected or exposed to the infection. Ebola has proven to be even worse then swine and avian flu on this score. Those who were exposed are treated deplorably by their communities.

Understanding the disease is the way we can combat these secondary social problems. And so I have decided based on observing the mass paranoia prevalent in my country to share links to articles on the latest news about Ebola and the treatments that work and the charlatans taking advantage of the paranoia to hawk potentially dangerous, untested chemicals.

First up is a review of a book called the Hot Zone that seems to be driving paranoia to ridiculous levels due to its extremely inaccurate portrayal of the Ebola virus. It is being touted a a true story despite its inaccuracies. If you follow that link you’ll see a critical review of The Hot Zone by Tara Smith who is an infectious disease epidemiologist as well as a science communicator.

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