Parental alienation: Missing Boy Found Alive After 2 Years

Today I learned about parental alienation and it damn near broke my heart. I watched all of Ryan’s videos and I can’t believe the kind of abuse that his mother and her family put both of them through. I am so glad that he was able to have a relationship with his father when he grew older. His father is an amazing man and I wish Ryan all the best with his campaign against the evil that is parental alienation.

The second video is┬ájust as horrible as watching Ryan’s account. Imagine having a small child confined to a house for 2 years. I find that her insistence on him taking a lie detector test to be nothing short of ridiculous. Lie detector tests are notoriously unreliable. If they found a person who was sympathetic to the mother and grandmother’s view that poor man would have ended up on the sex offenders registry since all they had to do to ensure the outcome they wanted was ask leading questions.

I can’t imagine how I would feel if my child and ex-wife vanished without a trace for 2 years. Even if I disliked her I would mourn both of them because I would assume that they had met with foul play. That the grandmother shows absolutely no remorse for what they did is very telling to me and I hope that child and his father are able to reconnect the way that Ryan and his father were able to.

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First, watch the following video, found at RyanThomasSpeaks

Now, watch the following.

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