The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate | Felicia’s Melange

Felicia Day had this to say with regard to gamergate.

Sadly just like she feared she was set upon by a bunch of trolls for daring to voice her opinion on what gamergate and its associated controversies have done to the gaming community.

I have been playing games for many years and I have yet to encounter this level of animosity towards women in particular locally. It might be a cultural thing specific to the US and if so gamers in the US need to step back and take stock of their behaviour. This sort of thing is cyber bullying and people engaging in in should be shunned not exalted.

Another thing that annoys me about this scenario is that it brings the validity of the men’s rights movement into question. A bunch of misogynists hijacking the men’s rights movement is no different to the misandry that is quite prevalent among the new wave of feminists. These misandrists are using things like gamergate to trivialise the men’s rights movement and this should not be allowed.

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