Today I decided to cancel my Crunchyroll premium account, and wouldn’t you know I found something amazing to watch? The World is Still Beautiful was a great anime. The pacing was good, the character development was suberb and as a bonus the cast broke the mould in so many ways. The supporting characters were great, Nike & Livi were two of the most unique shoujo leads I’ve seen in years. Bonus points for the comedy situations.

There were some shoujo cliches but unlike the majority of shoujo anime I’ve seen, the scenes were handled well. I loved that the scenarios were not wasted and comedic though it was the characters suffered the consequences of their actions. Watching their love blossom was very interesting as well. You wouldn’t think that those two would be as relatable as they were.

As far as the age difference goes, its more common to see it the other way around i.e. a young girl with a much older man a la Sailor Moon. Though the series I watched after Sailor Moon didn’t have quite the same impact for me until now.

I also loved the soundtrack, Nike’s Tender Love tends to wear a bit thin if you binge watch but her grand mothers farewell song was something else. I won’t lie, I spent a lot the time I was watching this either crying or laughing my butt off.

I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves anime and/or shoujo. 5/5

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