This year I’m going to be as happy as I can. While that sounds a bit abstract I actually have it pretty well planned out. Over the past year I’ve made a lot of progress on my health. Enough that I’m hoping that next year I can get back to school and blow through getting a new CSEC certificate. That’s been a thorn in my side since the day they lost my years’ results. To be honest I didn’t really care, I had a lot going on in my life that year. My dad’s health got really bad and he died before I wrote my first exam. Needless to say my performance suffered a bit. I never made it to the evening exams because I’d come in to late and that was against the Hindu last rites. I didn’t believe in them but my dad did and I wanted to honor his wishes. I didn’t think it would have been a big deal. I thought that after the 11 months and 7 days had passed I’d be free to write the exams again. Obviously I was wrong but life happens and you’ve just got to roll with what you’e got. This was back in 2005, instead I had to enter the world of work immediately. It was difficult because I couldn’t prove that knew anything and made worse by my failing health.

The major issues for me are mental health and acquiring certificates so that when I get better I can reenter the world of work. As for my blog, I plan to blog more often than I do now. I’ll also be splitting it up, Personal stuff here, advice on careers, finance and health over here. Of course the other blog will have a Trinidadian bent, I realized recently that while I know a lot about international issues I haven’t focused much on Trinidad and Tobago itself because it seemed rather pointless to do so. I have resolved to do better this year. There are many things about our lovely island that we take for granted and these are things that our media don’t cover to any great extent.

I have also decided after contemplating immigration seriously for a long time that things are better here. Healthcare in this country is better than we give it credit for and that’s because negativity sells. All we ever hear about our system is when it fails but considering how many people it caters to common sense will tell you that it’s better than we are led to believe. Jobs in particular are much easier to get, education is good. In fact overall Trinidad is better than the US which is one of the major sources of brain drain for our country. We can and will do better, if the problem is it’s hard to find knowledge from unbiased sources I’ll try to fill that gap. For me this new blog will be a labour of love, my way to create positive change in our country.

Other things I plan to work on are my physical abilities that with the help of my PT are improving. Today I can look towards next year knowing that it will be better because I have done all in my power to make it so.

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