The year so far…

The first few days of this year has been good so far. I’m ahead of my PT schedule, my hubby is seeing about the food so I won’t strain my shoulders again and I went to a comedy show last Saturday. So lots of good stuff. The only bad is the carb withdrawal. I’d originally planned to quit eating the bad food cold turkey but after 3 days I realized that was an awful plan. So now I figured I’d do a cheat meal once or twice a week to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay. With any luck February will dawn on me not needing to eat the foods that I’m addicted to.

I’m also working on a series on personal finance for Mindful Living. The first installment will be out on Wednesday. I’ll also be doing a series on nutrition covering the basics and how to plan meals. Since I’m not a vegan or vegetarian my meal plans won’t focus on those particular diets since I enjoy eating meat on occasion.

I hope you guys are having a great year so far!

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