Labels and why I dislike them.

Labels can be useful sometimes. Labels like Roman Catholic or Atheist are useful in that it helps you easily find people who think like you.

My problem with labels has to do with the way identifying with a label seems to stifle critical thinking skills. Case in point, the new wave of feminism in the United States, Atheists or Religious folk.

There comes a point where you develop a fundamentalist mindset. For instance, The pop feminists claiming that a patriarchy exists while reaping the rewards of a society where men are treated worse than woman in many ways.

Or religious folk refusing to acknowledge the parts of their books that paint their god as a childish bigot.

Or even atheists who refuse to set foot in a church because they think that the evidence for god is too sparse to be useful.

A rule of thumb for these situations is that no idea is above discussion.

Religious folk should it down and edit the content that can be used to harm people out of their books.

Atheists should think about what something means to another person before acting like asses.

And feminists need to stop acting like women are victims. We most certainly are not and acting like we are is creating a culture where women are the abusers.

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