Why do humans fall prey to Quackery?

In this video from SciShow. We are given reasons for why we believe  quackery over science.

While it focuses on the anti vaccination movement the reasons hold true for just about any illogical belief that we hold dear.

Its difficult to remember that these people arrived at these conclusions using the same faculties. Especially when they put their feelings above those of the ones adversely affected by their choices.

6 thoughts on “Why do humans fall prey to Quackery?

    1. Hehe.

      Beliefs can be fun. Big foot and ghosts for instance. I draw the line where beliefs endanger others.

      The sad thing is the liars are using science and psychology against those who don’t understand it.

      Its getting pretty silly.

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      1. [ Smiles ] Yes, I absolutely agree with you.

        It’s as though the educated ones are preying on the innocence of the ignorant ones.


      2. Well I wouldn’t say that exactly. There’s a culture of misinformation when it comes to quackery. There are many educated people on the side of the victims.

        But when you’re desperate. You don’t want facts. You want someone to tell you whats wrong. Even if it is a lie.

        The anti-vax movement for example is led by people with a very poor grasp of science as it pertains to public health. And their status as professional victims is seen as superior to that of the scientists and doctors who work thanklessly to keep us safe.

        There are a lot of logical fallacies against us but learning about them and facing down our cognitive biases is what will protect us and the ones we love.

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      3. [ Smiles ] Yes, I think that you are on to something good; why not write a detailed post about that particular subject?


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