Gastroenterology woes

Last week Tuesday night my hubby rushed me to the hospital because my torso had been swelling for the last two weeks or so. I’m accustomed to some measure of bloating but this was ridiculous. I began having trouble breathing so off to the hospital we went.

Thursday, night before I went to the hospital. As you can see my torso is horribly distended.

The doctor on call thought it might be an inflamed bowel or intestine and had a GI agree to see me on Thursday of last week on a rush appointment. I got the required blood tests on Wednesday and Thursday dawned with me fretting over where in the hell my health was going.
Wednesday morning I had a dissociative episode and burnt my hand badly.

Don't worry, the white stuff is burn ointment.

I haven’t had one in a while so until I see a therapist I’m assuming that the extra stress set me off.
I didn’t learn much on my appointment with the GI last Thursday. I have to so a colonoscopy and an endoscopy at some point but for now it was Zental and the antibiotic Cifran because my WBC was too high. He also needed a stool sample.
Things have been progressively worse since last Tuesday. My torso seems to have reached the limits of its ability to distend which just means that I spent a lot of time sucking it in so the tissues won’t feel like they’re tearing apart.
As the days pass the pain gets worse and worse. I’m afraid of eating as it makes the tummy pains much, much worse.
My seborrheic dermatitis is back so my scalp is burning. It feels like pouring hydrogen peroxide in a wound.
Headaches are a given in this situation. And I have a bunch of ignorant people to deal with on top of it.
This has just been one of those weeks. I wish I could sleep until my next GI visit.

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