Thoughts after my second week seeing the GI

I’ve realised after going to see the GI that I’ve become really shameless form a societal point of view.
I disrobe for people I don’t know in the hopes that they can fix what ails me. They can see the bits of me that no one else can through MRIs and other tests.

That being said seeing a new doctor for any reason is a tedious process.

The results of the tests for the first week was anemia and an elevated WBC. I was given Zental to rule out worms and 10 days of an antibiotic.

The second week saw the results of my stool test being positive for large amounts of E. Coli. I was told to finish my course of antibiotics because the one I was taking was effective against E. Coli.
At the second appointment I was also scheduled for a endoscopy tomorrow but it will be rescheduled since the doctor had an emergency to deal with. I didn’t realise how nervous I was until I heard it was rescheduled.

My course of antibiotics ended yesterday morning. Nothing has changed. If things go according to the usual routine I’ll be in agony for the next 2 days. I’m already feeling the fist pangs of pain.

There’ll probably be another stool test in my future as we try to figure out if another parasite is involved.

My body is rebelling from the lack of activity. My legs have started popping out of the joints. So I would love to get some level of relief from these tummy issues so I can get back to my routine soon.

I can only hope that my stomach is okay and that my endoscopy goes off without a hitch.

For now though, its more sleepless nights with stand up comedy. These comedians are literally holding me together right now. When I’m laughing I can forget the pain which is great because there isn’t a part of my body that doesn’t hurt right now.

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