Endoscopy aftermath.


I won’t lie. I found the instructions difficult to follow. Prep for an endoscopy is unpleasant. The instructions I received were;

  • No solid food later than 7 am
  • No liquids beyond 10 am
  • Just bear with it til the procedure is over. (It being the hunger pangs and dehydration)

The lack of water got me the hardest, since today was a diarrhea day so I was severely dehydrated by the time I made it to the hospital.

Since I was severely congested and had sensitivity to several medications on top of my normally low blood pressure, my GI went with local anesthesia. I’d like to think it worked well. I imagine it would have been absolute agony without that.

On account of my totally clogged nostrils I ended up puking a lot during this process whenever my throat dried out from breathing in though it. I’m so glad I followed those instructions as that would have been disgusting for everyone involved otherwise.

Then procedure itself was intensely uncomfortable. The numbing agent didn’t take away all of the pain and I couldn’t control my urge to swallow as well as I thought I would.

Afterwards they gave me some yummy soup and kept me in the hospital for an hour or so to make sure I was alright. The gas was probably the worst part. My tummy was already painfully distended so that extra inch or so the gas added was way above my ability to tolerate.

No news yet on whether I need a colonoscopy or not but I know that they’ll be more stool tests in my future.

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