Supreme frustration.

When you’re sick, you find yourself going on a quest to discover the source of your illness. The idea being that if its got a name, its got a cure.

Sadly its just not that simple. If you’re lucky you’ll be diagnosed with a common ailment and from there you can move to some sort of treatment to improve your quality of life. If you’re luckier you’ll only have one condition with no others complicating it.

I have not been that lucky and my bane has been ignorant and arrogant doctors. Its very common for me to see a doctor and have my problems brushed away as overreacting. This is sadly very common with things like fibromyalgia where you can spend years of your life with doctors accusing you of lying while you suffer.

Lately everything has been dislocating. My legs keep popping out of my pelvic joint, my ankle, hell even my wrists are doing it. I’m glad that they aren’t as  painful as my shoulder dislocations but I suspect its a matter of time.

I have mixed feelings about this because I’m trying to see what’s wrong with my digestive system at the moment which is pretty expensive. The distension is my stomach seems to be making my spinal issues worse which means no exercise. So its not surprising that my joints would become unstable.

Yesterday was awful. We went apartment hunting but a few hours in and I was no longer able to keep my body upright without crying. My traction collar is supposed to help with my cervical pain but its not working at the moment.

Hell I’ve given up on a cure. A slight reduction in pain is all I’m asking for at this point because this crap is slowly but surely driving me insane.

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