Some thoughts on the Blade Trilogy.

Last night I decided to rewatch the Blade movies. After seeing the first two I can safely say that the movies aged well for what they were. The only effect that took me out of it was that swell up and explode sequence. The vampires are rather pathetic though. No night vision, no predatory instincts at all. I didn’t realize that before I guess I was more into the action porn aspect.

The third movie was a little disappointing. They tossed everything about him out, made him careless. Out went the stealth and his method of hunting all for the sake of introducing new characters to serve as his sidekicks. Granted these were more useful than the vampire squad that was training to hunt him in the last movie.

Involving the humans in the war just made it boring. We all know that humans won’t survive something like this as much fun as it is to fantasise otherwise. A bunch of unnecessary drama and posturing reminiscent of the bullshit we get in our daily lives. Hardly the escape I’d come to expect from this series.

The vampires in the third movie were also underwhelming with the exception of Dracula. A lot of those weird and unnecessary serpentine body movements for the females.

As usual, the weapons and action sequences were awesome. Reynolds’ quips were entertaining and the scenes with him and the vampire siblings were hilarious. And my god, Jessica’s muscle tone was mesmerising. I also liked the design of Dracula’s true form, really fits in with that blood god mythology they set up.

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