Some thoughts on Jurrasic World.

I saw Jurassic World today. I found it rather amazing that there was such uproar over sexism, racism and shoes. I am beginning to despise these review sites and the narrative that they’re trying to spin. I can determine for myself whether something is sexist or racist on my own. After seeing the show I can safely say that none of those claims held water.

That woman was the most annoying female I’ve seen in a movie for a while. She only pulls the stick out of her ass after she totally fails to contain the problem the loose dino posed. She also had no trouble running to the man she spends the first few minutes of the movie talking down to as soon as she has a use for him. Meanwhile his criticisms of her are quite valid and since she does fuck up quite a bit in the first half of the movie I don’t feel its necessary to go into spoiler territory.

As for the shoes they were inappropriate considering the job she had and the terrain she would no doubt be covering. The shoes didn’t bother me, it just added to my initial distaste for her character.

I loved this movie. I loved the dinosaurs and the raptors are my favorite characters. I loved that Chris’ character could be their alpha. To me its just like seeing Jurassic Park the first time. I spent so much time acting like a kid and bouncing around with glee

The kids this time weren’t that bad, the little one’s enthusiasm was infectious.

9 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Jurrasic World.

    1. I think that these people are looking for what they want to see and being really loud about it. Which is bloody annoying IMO.

      If I’m looking at a review tell me about the movie, was the plot good? What about the effects? Was their character building?

      Instead we get essays on why the female running around in high heeled shoes was either sexist or not.

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      1. [ Laughs ] Oh, you are lucky that I did not share my perspective on it because I would have wrote:

        “It is very dangerous (and even illogical) for a woman to be running around in high heels; comfortable running shoes would have been the most appropriate footwear to make one’s escape from a dinosaur.”

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      2. Her shoes irked me because I’m very particular about safety. Considering what we saw her do before the shit hit the fan. She needs at least some good boots and more sensible clothing. The nice suit and the heels made sense for convincing investors to part from their money. Running around the park? At least put some damn boots on.

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      1. [ Smiles ] Western cultures are alike since we wilfully (or subconsciously) have accepted the way of life from our North American or European counterparts.

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      2. I’d like to hope that the entitled behavior being exhibited by these so called social justice warriors, new wave feminists and their white knights never reach our shores.

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