First post of the year.

Man, it’s been a long time since I last posted here. Things have gone downhill rather rapidly since then. It feels like I lost my way when it comes to writing. Between the frustrations of severe brain fog and dealing with a certain type of religious person. I lost my zeal to do something that was offering me a level of comfort.

Last July I nearly died. I’m extremely grateful to the doctors and nurses who took care of me. And my beloved who spent that week preparing to lose me. Also, my friend and his wife and son who were with me when my darling couldn’t be.

In August, I was administered a course of Prednisone after developing temporary paralysis in my lower body. I’ve been dealing with the side effects from that since. The weight I gained wiped out my weight loss progress and I’m now at the heaviest I’ve ever been at 195 pounds.

Cut to last week when I ended up back in the ER because fluid was building up inside my head. After some testing and an odd 24 hour urine test it was decided that we should address the psychological aspects of my Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome before continuing with testing. The psychiatrist they asked to see me was a very pleasant man who said therapy might prove useful given past events in my life. So, I’ll be seeing him soon.

Sadly, the day after I came out the hospital I ended up by my physiotherapist who put me on Calcort because I had somehow managed to tear both deltoids and the trapezius. How I managed to do this is unknown. The most obvious reason might be the frequent subluxations and occasional dislocations.

I’ve got one week remaining with the course of Calcort. Then I guess we’ll see where it goes from there. I’ve got the usual side effects from the Calcort so it’s been quite difficult to say the least.

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