Decided to go to the salon today. What with the new semi-lock down I figured I may as well go get a trim before they close the shops as well.

Ended up with a touch of purple

Choosing a colour was a bit annoying because the first choice of a gradient using pink, lilac and silver didn’t take well. The pink ended up orange, the silver barely made an appearance and the lilac peeked through in random spots. So we hid it with purple and silver and it came out pretty cute.

I’ve always loved playing with hair colours. I find that it gives me a huge mood boost. This helps me keep up with whatever I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do. I can’t wait to see the way it fades out.

Continuing with the Smart Coach, I did some meditation because today was counted as a rest day. I feel pretty good. Considering that it felt like my muscles were peeling apart last night when I finished the first routine. I ended up adding another routine after reconfiguring the smart coach to use simpler workouts. I couldn’t just leave it at one unfinished workout.

I also added a beginner meditation practice so I can work my way into a daily practice. I feel a lot less silly doing it this time around. I remember when the therapist first started me on meditation I couldn’t get into it. Firstly because I used to associate meditation with the Hindu style practice I did growing up. This is not so good for me mentally because that’s a period of my life I’d rather not remember. Secondly, I found it extremely difficult to focus on my breathing and I’d beat myself up over my perceived failure. It takes a while for you to get yourself to understand that it’s not super important if you stray. Just remember to refocus on your breathing and keep going.

There’s a lot of pain going on in this body today. Hopefully, as I increase my physical activity and lose some weight I can get some relief.


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