I’m pretty happy today. I started doing the Draw A Box lessons. Meditated twice, had a walk and did some yoga.

Took a while for the Smart Coach to find a routine I could do because I discovered I can’t do this position. And you’d be surprised how often it comes up in your typical yoga routine.

It makes me wanna die

My leg muscles are too tight. It was shocking. That said. I still got today’s activities done.

I also realized that something is wrong with my cervical thoracic spine. It’s terribly painful to sit upright. To the point where prolonging sitting makes my muscles and fascia burn. I might get that checked out eventually if the yoga doesn’t help at all. It could just be because I spend so much time in bed.

I also broke out that wellness journal I bought back in 2019 and started filling out my diet and exercise plans. I’m thinking I’d just do my own thing this time. Instead of trying to force myself to follow someone else’s programme.

Earlier today they announced the country was back under full lockdown. So I have to start cooking. I’m hoping that I can cook and continue with yoga at least. It might wipe out the plans I had for adding steady state cardio on the elliptical. Ah well. Hopefully, this pandemic can be solved soon. Before the casualties get higher.


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