Today wasn’t as productive as I thought it would be. Started off the day with a godawful headache because I didn’t get any rest last night. My sleep hygiene is bad. So I ended up falling asleep until lunch time. That pretty much killed off the time I had set aside for studying. I wasn’t as upset as I thought. Maybe the meditation is helping with my irritability when plans go awry.

On the other hand, I did quite a few chores and managed to make some pelau. It’s still quite painful to move around because my muscles are very tight. I’m thankful that the mini seizures seem to have stopped so hopefully I can get some more time to workout. I want to work my way up to at least meeting the recommended 150 minutes per week. For now it’s just gonna be yoga, but I want to work in some steady state cardio on the elliptical as well.

I grew progressively worse as the day went on. By 5pm I had to retreat to the bedroom so I could isolate myself from my triggers and take some Tramacet and Gravol. Luckily, I took the medication in time so I didn’t end up vomiting for the rest of the night.

I managed to complete my yoga and meditation sessions for today. My right shoulder is screaming now so I’m skipping the drawing practice today to give it a rest.

Ended up putting a little too much salt in the pelau. Ah well. Now I’m exhausted and sore. I just wanna lay on the floor and hug the tiles. I’m oddly relaxed even though I’m in so much pain. It’s quite a novel feeling.

Current mood

It seems like I may get some rest tonight by virtue of the medication. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do more lessons from Draw a Box.


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