Today was wonderful. It was the right amount of rain, the temperature was perfect for cuddling up in bed with a book and a cup of tea. I didn’t do much. My shoulders are finally starting to settle back into the sockets. So tomorrow I might be able to draw a bit.

I’d originally wanted to do some baking and cooking. But my body was saying that would be a bad idea. I’m glad I listened. I feel so much better today. I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to recovery. I feel like I’m being lazy when I’m sick because that’s what my parents would always say. No matter how badly I was injured or how ill I happened to be. So it’s really difficult to just sit back and heal.

I’m trying to do better though. Hopefully my mindfulness practice helps me with that. I cut it really close with meditation today. It totally slipped my mind until I settled down to record my thoughts about today. 😅

I don’t feel particularly sleepy tonight. It seems like it may be another sleepless night. Oh dear.

One thing I’ve noticed during my recovery, is that as my sprains and spasms settle down/heal the neuropathy quickly settles in. Tonight I can feel the tingling and numbness crawling along my shoulder blades, the side of my spinal column and around my eyes and nose. It’s quite an unsettling feeling. I suspect that it might be more common the more I force my body to move/exercise.

I’m optimistic that it may be a good sign. I’ll just relay what I’ve experienced to the doctor when that time comes.


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