Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to recover from bronchitis?

These coughing fits are a severe pain in the behind.

Argh! Gastro again?! *cries* I wish I could punch my immune system in the chesticles.

On another note, the new shoes are great. My endurance is understandably shot so it will probably take me 18 weeks to finish the c25k program.

I’m just so happy I can run again!

So we didn’t see Transformers yesterday. The lines were just too long. I keep forgetting that, that happens on weekends and holidays.

So today I’m supposed to be going to see my RD. I’m feeling pretty ashamed about my diet this past month. Even though it can’t be helped I feel irritated.

On the other hand, I hope she can help with my milk allergy and fiber issues.

I hope I’m on time. The rain threw me off.