Thoughts on Skyrim’s latest re-release.

I’ve never gotten into Skyrim. Friends and acquaintances lost their goddamn minds when the game was originally released. I found the game frightfully boring. It was quite the unpopular opinion.

I’ve seen it get re-released multiple times since and everytime I find myself marveling at how few improvements you get for this full AAA pricing.

Apparently the new version is excellent if you’re a console gamer but not so much for PC users who are accustomed to games being gorgeous either by design or modding.

But don’t expect the PS4 mods to be as good as PC mods because apparently you can only use in game assets. 

Death Cab for Cutie – I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

Death Cab for Cutie – I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

I was just watching Mike Birbiglia’s special My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend on Netflix and I thought the closing song was amazing. Especially considering the theme of the special. This live version is pretty different from the album version but the violins are a nice touch. I prefer the album version but both are nice.

I don’t like thinking about when my hubby will die. I know that he thinks that I’ll be the one who goes first but I’d probably follow him if he goes first. He’s shown me a world that I never thought I’d see but a world without him is no good for me. Strangely enough this song captures how I feel right now, and that feeling hasn’t changed at all in the 9 years that we’ve been married. If anything it’s only gotten more intense.

On a lighter note Mike’s special was quite entertaining, if you have an awkward personality like I do you’ll probably find your self empathizing intensely with his experiences. I think that, that’s a good thing though, it gives you a new way of looking at things.

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The World is Still Beautiful

The World is Still Beautiful

Today I decided to cancel my Crunchyroll premium account, and wouldn’t you know I found something amazing to watch? The World is Still Beautiful was a great anime. The pacing was good, the character development was suberb and as a bonus the cast broke the mould in so many ways. The supporting characters were great, Nike & Livi were two of the most unique shoujo leads I’ve seen in years. Bonus points for the comedy situations.

There were some shoujo cliches but unlike the majority of shoujo anime I’ve seen, the scenes were handled well. I loved that the scenarios were not wasted and comedic though it was the characters suffered the consequences of their actions. Watching their love blossom was very interesting as well. You wouldn’t think that those two would be as relatable as they were.

As far as the age difference goes, its more common to see it the other way around i.e. a young girl with a much older man a la Sailor Moon. Though the series I watched after Sailor Moon didn’t have quite the same impact for me until now.

I also loved the soundtrack, Nike’s Tender Love tends to wear a bit thin if you binge watch but her grand mothers farewell song was something else. I won’t lie, I spent a lot the time I was watching this either crying or laughing my butt off.

I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves anime and/or shoujo. 5/5

Thought’s on social media.

The way I see it, the only probable way to control who has access to your information is to probably host your own little home on the web. Privacy issues never bothered me much since I bone up on the changes to the TOS of the social networking sites that I use. If I don’t like the terms I don’t sign up, and I pay attention to revisions to said terms in case they introduce a clause that I don’t like. That isn’t a fool proof method because as you’ve all probably noticed by now Facebook’s management just loves to twist the wording of said TOS. Like this nasty psychological experiment they ran a while back. Mind you there was no mention of them possibly doing this in said TOS or the revisions up til that point. I’m sure there is by now but I’ve honestly stopped caring.

There is a new service called ello that seems to be a step in the right direction but it’s currently in beta so for those of you who like that sort of thing it might be useful to check it out. As for me this is the platform that I prefer. Though I occasionally check in with my friends on Facebook and Google + since I’m mostly confined to my home, so I find it quite useful for keeping up with distant friends. Of the two I’d say I prefer Google + but to be honest I haven’t got the energy to keep up with either one. Most of my communication goes through KIK or What’s app. The people I don’t talk to there I check in once or twice a week to keep in touch.

I’m not surprised with the controversy because since the time I joined back in 2006 it’s been a cycle of never-ending bullshit on the Facebook front. A cycle that somehow seems to end every time with the users going “EH! Screw you Mark!” and then getting used to it. And they took advantage of that tendency by taking more liberties every time they made changes until we arrived here.