Like most people I see the problems that Trinidadian society faces and I’d like to do something positive about it.

One of the ways I’m drawing inspiration for the movement I’d like to start in Trinidad is by looking at what works all over the world.

Unfortunately this can get rather depressing. Looking at the anti vaccination movement and the strong anti LBGT and anti race sentiment that a small but influential minority in the US promotes. I feel like my faith in the human species is slipping.

I want to believe that we can be better than this but it terrifies me that everyone is so close minded.

Even the so-called social movements are not much better than the ones they claim to oppose. All sides engage in logical fallacies and seem to believe that the ends justifies the means.

Case in point. Jenny McCarthy. The pro-vaccination group vilified her for what she promoted. Forgetting that at her core she was a mother terrified of what was happening to her kid.

It’s stupidly easy to take advantage of people who are this vulnerable and there are many stories of the ills that charlatans visited upon these people.

Instead of offering these victims support there was an overwhelming sense that these people deserved everything that happened to them.

Alternative media networks like AlterNet that I strongly considered using as a starting point for the movement showed their true colours as parasites that are benefiting from the divide.

Sure they publish some food stuff but occasionally they allow conspiracy theorists a platform to spew their dangerous ideas.

This is not good. If you want to present yourself as a place for people to learn about their community then you destroy your credibility with these tactics.

The world is not black and white. Its not a matter of us or them. We are all in this together and it would serve us well if more people would keep that in mind as they go about their daily lives.