On Doctor Who.

I haven’t delved much into the Doctor Who universe. But what little I have encountered has left me with mixed feelings. I started with the 9th doctor’s TV series. While I did like the doctor himself, his companion at that time Rose was terribly annoying. As was her mother.

Now I quit watching the TV series after the 9th died mostly because it’s such a depressing series. I get that it sparks interesting conversations about the cost of living and circumstantial morality.

In my opinion, the show could be greatly improved if the companions were real characters as opposed to a plot device. I’ve started the 8th Doctor’s books and Sam is just as unappealing as Rose.

If they have to be plot devices why couldn’t they be more like Watson who serves the same purpose in the Sherlock Holmes books. He is much more entertaining.

Rose and Sam are extremely full of themselves. Perpetually throwing themselves and others into danger to feed their egos. I cannot empathise with them much since everytime I think they’re getting better they run off into another tirade about him making decisions for them because they female or inexperienced etc.

Sure some of this stems from the fact that he teaches them precious little about the TARDIS. Yet, is it really approiate to be going off on a snit while someone is trying to prevent armageddon?

I have vaguely fond memories of this series as a child but the reality has yet to live up to them.