Mixed news this morning at the dentist’s. The bruxism has gotten to the point where I can’t sleep without my mouth guard. However, as that’s all I have to do I consider it a win. The nerves are still damaged but the dentist is fairly certain that I won’t need a root canal since I’m not in that much pain any more. I can chew food again, oh happy day!

Is this my new normal?

My health has been getting worse since the middle of last year. Christmas was difficult, I got my first sprain on Christmas eve. Unfortunately, the strain became chronic and there was a snowball effect. Ending with all my limbs being either strained or partially dislocated before New Years.

It’s never the same issue unfortunately. Some of my doctors have had more success than others. The last problem had to do with muscle/nerves. Which just added to the list of tests and surgeries that need doing. Being in and out of the hospital means that scheduling any of these things far in advance is a waste of time. I’m terrified of making the wrong choice.

One of my friends asked me what my new normal looks like so I’ll address that here. If I want to leave the house I must have a first aid kit on me at all times. Granted, it’s getting bigger as time goes by. These days my kit looks like this:


It’s hard to know when something will go wrong so I plan for as much as I can. Since there’s a chance that this might help someone in a similar position here’s the break down. I’ve got a unilateral ankle stabilizer for the random sprains and spasms. Tramacet for the damage that the spasms leave behind. Lyrica keeps the spasms at bay but it does nothing for the pain. Dolobene gel stops my muscles from developing clots because they’re always tightening. 12 hour Gravol for the constant nausea that the IBS causes and re-hydration salts in case the IBS flares. Brulidine cream helps when my finger tips tear thanks to carpal tunnel. The eyepatch helps with my migraines but not so much for the cluster headaches unfortunately. The inhalers help me when my throat closes up. And allergy meds because you never know what’s in the food available and bees so much goddamned bees!

I still need another ankle stabilizer since both feet have a tendency to sprain at the same time. I’ll need a shoulder stabilizer at some point since I have chronic partial dislocations after getting hit by a car a few years ago.

After I see the neurologist and get the muscle and nerve tests done I should be much closer to normalcy.

As it turns out I’m all good on the diabetes front. My doctor was kind enough to text me and let me know I didn’t need to worry.

I still have metabolic syndrome so I’ll still have to live like a diabetic if I want to avoid diabetes later on.

Next up, I’m hoping I can fix my broken body enough to increase my exercise level.

Wish me luck!

It seems like good news. My fasting blood sugar is within normal limits at 92 mg/dL.

According to Medlineplus the normal range is between 70 and 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Since I’m pretty close to that upper limit there might be a follow up so we can determine what l can add to my routine to bring it closer to the lower up limit.

Glasses, patches and blood tests.

I picked up my glasses a few days ago and l have to admit that it works well. The only problem remaining is that I need to wear an eye patch when l have to concentrate.

Trinidad doesn’t seem to have much variety when it comes to patches, so after failing a few times I went with Amazon.

I found these nifty glasses patches so now I’m waiting for them to be delivered.

On the PCOS front things have gotten worse. More menopausal symptoms. As if the set l had weren’t annoying enough.

If you have a problem with vaginal tears after sex, your vaginal muscles may be thinning. It’s painful and embarrassing but luckily it’s treatable.

The gynecologist l saw about it also gave me a referral for a fasting blood sugar test to hopefully rule out diabetes. The results of which l won’t see until next Monday. So there’s even more thumb twiddling.

Meanwhile, we can’t tell if my darling is improving or not. We can’t wait for the follow up appointment. The waiting is torture.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The munchkin is getting christened soon. I can’t wait! I haven’t seen her in ages.

One step back, two steps forward.

My hubby injured his knee playing football on Wednesday. He’s on leave for now while we wait to see if it heals. Crossing my fingers that he won’t need a surgery and an MRI.

I got him a pair of crutches and a knee brace and I’m consistently doing his R.I.C.E.D. therapy. All things considered I think he has a pretty good shot at healing well.

Even better news, I found a nice lady to cook for us so I can focus on my physiotherapy without stressing out about what I’m eating. An extremely welcome relief.

After 2 months of doing my physiotherapy consistently I can say that it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. It remains to be seen if the effects will be permanent. I prefer to focus on the fact that for the first time in years I can move around without being constantly afraid of collapsing.

I’m still patiently awaiting my glasses and I’m a little apprehensive of running out of the pain killers I’ve been using to keep the migraines at bay. Hopefully the migraine will be less painful when I finish the last of the meds.

Convergence Insufficiency & Me

Last week I went into Optometrists Today in desperation. My migraines were worse than ever, even though I am using my mouth guard faithfully. I discovered that I had Convergence Insufficiency.

Which basically means that while I have 20/20 vision in both eyes, I can’t use them at the same time. If I do the muscles strain causing the terrible migraines that I’ve become accustomed to.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything to be wrong with my eyes. I’ve come to terms with the fact that they’re crossed sue to the botched surgeries I went through as a child. I went in there thinking that I’d get a prescription for the light sensitivity I had and that would be the end of that. I was a little upset that something was actually wrong because it isn’t fixable. I’m hoping the glasses help because I really don’t want to add to the list of specialists I’m currently seeing.

I got a bright blue frame because I wanted something cheery and I’m heavily sedated to make the pain tolerable until the glasses get here.

Cue thumb twiddling.

Frustration abounds.

So my health hasn’t improved much in the last 6 months. Mostly because my crappy immune system kept putting me down every time I started doing okay with working out. Like for instance last week I got gastroenteritis on Tuesday. Which you might recognise as being the day after I started running again.

Life can be such a cruel joke sometimes. Like the compulsion I have to eat starch thanks to my insulin resistance. I suppose addiction is a better word since there’s no better way to describe how I get if I don’t eat starch for a few days.

While I was puking my guts out on Tuesday the gynecologists’ office called to remind me that my 6 month follow up for the PCOS was last Thursday. Long story short. They hasn’t been much change and the reason is lack of exercise. You would not believe how annoyed I was when I heard that. I have been trying so hard for so long but to no avail. I never stay healthy long enough to reap the benefits of the exercise I do when I’m stable. Hell, my last bout of illness lasted 2 months. 2 months of feeling like I was on the brink of death thanks to some side effects among other things. Barely able to move or even stay awake.

How am I supposed to overcome these things? What do I need to do to start feing better? I’m getting to the point where I just can’t care anymore. I’m already severely depressed and the effects of the depression are made worse by the havoc the insulin is causing in my body.

Sigh…maybe now is a good time to find a psychiatrist.

My absent minded behaviour seems to be getting worse. I had a scare a few days ago where I overdosed on Glucophage. Let’s just say, that’s a phenomenally bad idea. I’m going to buy a pill box today before I kill myself by accident.