Society undervalues creativity. Many people think that creativity just means decorating your room well or choosing the right colours for your clothes. In reality creativity is what underlies all change. Without creativity the world would be stagnant.

Via: Humans of New York.

This quote caused me to recall a recurring thought I had about the importance of dreams/goals to humans. To a large extent it is our creative ability that births our dreams.

Sure we find inspiration from the people around us but at the end of the day we all encounter various people and experiences over the course of our lifetimes and assimilate them. We might decide to be a teacher after we meet what we believe to be the ideal teacher but we are unique in that we can never be that person.

Society for some reason wishes to force us all into predetermined roles. For instance it pressures women to be mothers and children to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Individual hopes are squashed and apathy issues. Without dreams we have nothing.

For someone like me who has lost the ability to pursue her dreams, quotes like this keep me inspired. Since it’s a huge world out there and while I may (or may not) get better, somewhere out there is the thing that only I can do. The thing that will bring happiness and fulfillment to my life and the lives of those around me.