Thoughts on local reactions to the coming out of local transgendered persons.

I am reminded of theses words “love they neighbor as one would love thyself” and “do unto others as one would have them do onto you”. These are both pieces of scripture that are widely quoted by locals. And yet here they are shitting all over the words of their lord to revel in their collective bigotry. Am I to believe that they want the treatment that is being dealt out to these transgended persons by a population that is breathtaking in its wilful ignorance of basic human biology?

I’m not going to go into the biological reasons behind why someone would be transgendered again. It’s about time that these people realize that this has not one fuck to do with them. I am not transgendered but I am well aware of the horrifying lot that they are dealt. I am also well aware of why they need to come out publically.

Trindadian society is one that allows physical and emotional attacks on the LBGT community and its about time that we cut that shit out. We are fucking adults, if you’re straight its no excuse for being ignorant. I see people talking about how straight people are being ostracized and my jaw just hits the ground. Really? Are you being beaten for kissing your significant other in public or holding their hand? Are men trying to rape you straight? Are people stopping you from getting married because they think your love is disgusting? Are you being beaten within and inch of your life because your outside doesn’t match your inside or because you were born intersex and you look too effeminate or too masculine? Are people openly spewing hateful shit at you because of who you love? No? Then how about you shut the fuck up then?

Can you be bisexual and married?

I’ve had people who are very dear to me tell me that now that I’m married I shouldn’t care about LBGT issues because I’m straight now. I wish that they would do a little research before lecturing me about things they don’t understand. I’m still bisexual, I prefer women to men generally but that’s just me.

I care about LBGT issues because even though things are better than they were when I was younger, we are still outsiders. Hell, they are entire genres of music popularizing the idea that being gay is wrong.

Some say that there is a religious aspect to this problem but I don’t think it’s quite true. People are grasping at straws to find ways to confirm their biases. Really your only argument is, I don’t like people who identify as LBGT. It’s not a good argument but it’s all you’ve got.

It’s a new year, I hope that we can finally move past this idiocy and focus on the real problems our country faces. Instead of trying to stop people from getting married, because it makes you feel icky.

Tolerance is your willingness to accept things that you may not agree with or even like. I hope that you’ll keep that in mind next time you decide to bully someone for being different.