A Labrinth Sequel?

A Labrinth Sequel?

It seems like they may┬ámake a sequel to the 1986┬ámovie Labyrinth. While I’m not entirely sure if I should be thrilled or not, I think I’m going to go re-watch it. Nothing like a good movie and a bowl of popcorn. That being said I would love to see David reprise his role.

P.S. The comments on that article are hilarious!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Today was my hubby’s birthday. He had to work though so I spent it with a friend who shares the same birthday. We decided to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Warning: here there be spoilers (don’t say that I didn’t warn you).

All in all. It was an enjoyable movie. However, there are quite a few plot holes and Peter comes off really self absorbed. Honestly, I rooted for the bad guys instead. Especially Harry. With 3 villains the movie seemed like it was gonna be over crowded but it’s really just Electro. Rhino has maybe 5 minutes of screen time and as for Harry. Well he pretty much just shows up to kill Gwen. That seemed like a total waste of his character. The equivalent of this would be if the Joker had a 5 minute cameo at the end of The Dark Knight. Since Harry is Spider-Man’s main antagonist.

I really wasn’t feeling the on again off again romance bit. Though I must say I found many of the scenes between them almost unbearably cute.

Peter is a supremely conflicted character and much of this story is devoted to his guilt over how his actions might affect the people around him. This leads to him making a lot of decisions based on his feeling without taking the feelings of the others into consideration. I really felt for Harry because Peter’s reason for refusing to give him his blood was utterly selfish. He’s dying already ffs! At least try dammit!

Jamie Foxx killed it in this movie. His character was very similar to Jim Carrey’s Riddler in that their motivations were the same. I didn’t like how his story ended though. It seems like the movie is endorsing the way he was treated. I couldn’t root for Spider-Man because of this. I honestly wanted Electro to win. Sadly I don’t know the name of the actor who played Harry but I must say I am looking forward to seeing his performance in the next movie.

And that ending argh! It’s the same cliffhanger crap that I got with the Desolation of Smaug. So annoying.

So was this a good movie? Yes. It’s not an amazing movie but it is definitely a fun time.  So suspend your sense of disbelief, enjoy the cinematography and that kick ass soundtrack.

Man of Steel

Today we decided we’d go see Man of Steel, I really can’t say that I was looking forward to the experience since the previous version’s level of suckyness was so high I still remember it. Aside from that Superman is just not that interesting to me.

Anyway since this will be a spoiler free review, expect vague opinions that may or may not be validated when you do watch the movie yourself.

First off I really liked the actors they chose, especially the ones that made up General Zod’s faction. They were reminiscent of the previous version of this movie that Christopher Reeve acted in so it was kinda like seeing them again. This Louis wasn’t as annoyingly useless as the one we’re accustomed to and this is also the first time (that I know of at any rate) they choose actor that didn’t bear a strong resemblance to Christopher.

The fight choreography was good, the visual effects were good but the story didn’t flow well so that took away from the overall experience. I was also rather impressed with the costume design.

All that being said this movie is still worth a look especially if you weren’t satisfied by the previous version.