Death Cab for Cutie – I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

Death Cab for Cutie – I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

I was just watching Mike Birbiglia’s special My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend on Netflix and I thought the closing song was amazing. Especially considering the theme of the special. This live version is pretty different from the album version but the violins are a nice touch. I prefer the album version but both are nice.

I don’t like thinking about when my hubby will die. I know that he thinks that I’ll be the one who goes first but I’d probably follow him if he goes first. He’s shown me a world that I never thought I’d see but a world without him is no good for me. Strangely enough this song captures how I feel right now, and that feeling hasn’t changed at all in the 9 years that we’ve been married. If anything it’s only gotten more intense.

On a lighter note Mike’s special was quite entertaining, if you have an awkward personality like I do you’ll probably find your self empathizing intensely with his experiences. I think that, that’s a good thing though, it gives you a new way of looking at things.

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Meaghan Ramsey on why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you.

This video was pretty upsetting. The media loves to downplay the effect that the fads they push have on people but it would appear that the problem has gotten quite serious. Image issues are literally stealing opportunities away from us and this is unacceptable.

I could never understand why society in general persists in judging people based on appearance. Appearance used to be a source of annoyance for me as well. It not something I have to deal with often though since I’m more or less stuck in my home. That being said, I do remember how people treated me so I understand what these boys and girls are going through.

I’d like to think that someday we as a society will rise above these superficial judgements.